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Amy Dipman, MSW, RMT

“The core of what Amy does is to create space for the wisdom of the soul and body to come through.”

Amy Dipman brings out the best in people.  She offers simple, yet potent ways for you to feel and perform better. 


Amy mindfully balances her work and home life while running a private Reiki and Intuitive Guidance practice in Santa Rosa. She thrives by collaborating with powerful healers and change agents. She is an affiliate for holistic health and wealth building tools. She is available to teach classes, host events and give private sessions.


Whatever Amy does, she makes it fun, high vibe and inclusive.

Explore how she can best serve you.

Wishing you the best!

Feel Better Now.

Live a life without compromise.

Get the support that you need to live your very best life NOW. Take charge of your physical, mental, spiritual and financial well-being with these cutting edge resources.

Maximize your assets and potential with Intuitive Living Now. We make people better by providing access to potent health and wealth support.

**some links include my affiliate endorsements - paid & unpaid**

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