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Tap Bliss - Make dreams a reality following these easy tips.

Activate Your Potential Now

The purpose of life is to love, grow, gain wisdom from ourselves and others. It is to shine bright and share our innate gifts. Maintaining harmony between people and nature is critical to quality of life.

We all came to this earth with innate gifts. A combination of nature and nurture shape us. The extent to which we master the connection between our passions and purpose define us.

Follow these 11 easy tips to maximize your overall well-being and potential:

  1. Identify Strengths - Take stock in what you love about YOU, your skills, your life, the world, etc. Ask others what they like most about you. Magnify it. Own it.

  2. Make & Keep Vows To Yourself - Set clear intentions to always serve the highest good. Write them in present tense and refer to them at least 2 times a day. i.e. "I illuminate a path to well-being. I am so happy and grateful that I am serving the highest good by sharing my innate gifts."

  3. Ditch Judgement - Replace judgment with love and acceptance. Mistakes happen. Get over it. Repeat after me, "Oh, now I know." Lesson learned. Move on.

  4. Focus on Blessings - Magnify blessings by giving them attention. The Law of Attraction is real. What you think about, you bring about. Always give gratitude.

  5. Imagine Bliss - Using all of your senses, imagine your idealized life as if it already exists. What does it look, feel, smell, sound like? Who is with you? Give it attention. The more the better. Do this every morning, night and then some. Bring it to life.

  6. Take Cues From Nature - Nourish your mind, body and soul with a holistic approach to wellness. Activate your intuition and let that be your guide. Reach and maintain an optimal state of well-being by BEING the best version of you. Surround yourself with supportive and nurturing environments and resources.

  7. Share Gifts - There is only one YOU. Gifts are meant to be shared. Contribute to the greater good. Hold back less. Act more. Share your innate gifts and prosper both as an individual and whole.

  8. Get Help - Get better or get over it. What do you avoid doing? What is sucking energy? Be honest. Outsource things that cause you to be stuck (#3 helps this).

  9. De-Clutter - Be mindful of the fact that we are the sum total of the people and experiences that we spend the most time with. Get rid of EVERYTHING that no longer serves, beliefs, patterns, behaviors, people, circumstances, things, etc. LET IT GO. (*Refer to #8 - Get Help)

  10. Stay Connected - Through synergy we are well supported beyond measure. Align yourself with high vibrational experiences and people. Make mind, body and spiritual connections that light you up.

  11. Plan. Do. Review. Repeat. - Life is in flux - so are you. As your needs change, adapt and grow with them. Remember that each moment is an opportunity to grow...seize it.

Please know that you a worthy of abundance. You were born to prosper. There is an abundant supply of support and resources. We each have what it takes to love, grow, gain wisdom from ourselves and others. Activate your highest potential with these tips for well-being. Get out of your own way and become the best version of you.


About the Author

Amy means dearly loved or beloved. Like you, I was born to love and be mother. Like a sentinel, I watch, listen, feel/empathize, learn and act. Nature and community guide me. Trusting my intuition has brought me true love, growth, family, community, alliances, abundance, synergy, deep roots, and so much more. It's primal. It's personal. It's my gift to you, by me. Follow me if it moves you.

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