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"Reiki is love,

love is wholeness,

wholeness is balance,

balance is well-being,

well-being is freedom from disease." 
~Dr. Mikao Usui 

Amy Dipman brings out the best in people.
 She offers simple, yet potent ways for you to feel & perform better. 

Relax, Release, Restore with Reiki


Jackie, J.

Amy is such an intuitive and beautiful soul. Her sessions are moving and deep -- leaving me thinking about her insights long after it was over. If you're needing grounding, healing, or some intuitive guidance, I highly recommend working with her. 

Centa, T.

Amy is grounded and connected to nature, family and community, and has a depth of professional experience helping challenged populations. She is an empath and a natural healer of increasing clarity. I would most definitely recommend her for Reiki sessions.

JoAnn, N.

Grateful for a wonderful Reiki healing session yesterday with Amy Dipman in Santa Rosa. It was so peaceful and loving and healing on all levels. And the intuitive reading she did at the end was AMAZING! 

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